내그녀 본방사수했음 짱재밌음 무한동력!!!!!!
watched My lovely girl. It’s fun Muhandongryuk! (MHDR) !!!!!!

  같이보니 재밋네..ㅋㅋ규형내옆에잇음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
It’s fun watching it together..ㅋㅋKyu hyung is next to me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  ? 트윗말고 말로 해
? Just tell me/talk to me instead of tweeting

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INFINITE's Dongwoo tells fans he has an Instagram →


INFINITE’s Dongwoo let fans know that he’s set up an Instagram account!

Dongwoo tweeted on September 17, "Inspirits~ Are you doing well~? Hehe. It seems the seasons are changing, so take care not to catch cold. I’m only using Twitter for now, but I’ve made an Instagram! It’s ddong_gg0….

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shouldn’t guy be the first to approach? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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shin woohyun = nam woohyun ?

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My Lovely Girl - L 


L cuts for SBS drama “My Lovely Girl”.


Myungsoo - ‘My Lovely Girl’ Stillcr.


11/9/2014: Twitter - Woo Hyun:

받아랏 인스피릿♡

140911 SBS My Lovely Girl - Preview 

Myungsoo as ‘Siwoo’ in SBS My Lovely Girl


140911 SBS 'My Lovely Girl' site Update

myungsoo making a fuss over taking a selca


140908 - Twitter @inspiritddww: 
즐겁고 풍요로운 추석입니다! 인스피릿 멤버들 잘지내고 있는가! 확실히 집오니까 밥을.. 저녁전 벌써 세그릇 캬컄ㅋ 밥이 나를 삼키는 구랴~.~ 다들 음식 조심하구요~! 오늘 만큼은 무거웠던 계획들 내려 놓길b


It’s a happy and enriching chuseok! INSPIRITs, the members are having a good time now! I’m going back home for sure, and rice… I’ve ate three bowls of rice before this evening already. kya kyakㅋ Rice is swallowing me ~.~ Everybody, please beware of the food~! Drop your heavy plans just for today.

translation: fyeah-infinite ; take out with full credits.

infinite 247/365 ∞ dongwoo 36/52